'Hunter X Hunter' News And Updates: Producers 'Fed Up' Of Yoshihiro Togashi's Absence? Tapped 'Tokyo Ghoul' Creator For Help?

'Hunter X Hunter' News And Updates: Producers 'Fed Up' Of Yoshihiro Togashi's Absence? Tapped 'Tokyo Ghoul' Creator For Help?
"Hunter x Hunter" is still in hiatus and it creator, Yoshihiro Togashi has been rumored to be replaced by "Tokyo Ghoul" creator, Sui Ishida. Is there any truth to that? Photo : Opluffy/Facebook

Following reports that "Hunter X Hunter" creator Yoshihiro Togashi was spotted looking healthy, many speculate that he is now ready to end the manga's hiatus. However, new reports claim otherwise. Apparently, producers had enough of his long break and decided to take the matter into their own hands. Check out the details below.

Rumors are rife that "Hunter X Hunter" creator Yoshihiro Togashi was forced to step out of the picture as producers were fed up of his indefinite hiatus and decided to ask help from "Tokyo Ghoul" creator Sui Ishida. Reports also claim that Yoshihiro Togashi was forced to give up his rights to the franchise to give way for his replacement.

It can be recalled that the "Tokyo Ghoul" creator expressed that he is a huge fan of the famed mangaka and its creation, particularly Hisoka of "Hunter X Hunter." In fact, his admiration for the said character led the manga's editors to be curious about Sui Ishida's own version of Hisoka. Yoshihiro Togashi tagged along with the idea, eventually allowing Sui Ishida to draw a colored version of the lethal anti-hero. The said chapter also commemorated both "Hunter x Hunter" Volume 33 and "Tokyo Ghoul:re's" seventh volume.

With Sui Ishida's experience in illustrating for "Hunter X Hunter" and even getting high remarks from its original creator, he might be the best candidate to continue the job. Will he be able to match Yoshihiro Togashi's artistic skills?

Although the idea sounds good, it's too farfetched. First of all, Sui Ishida has a full plate right now. He is currently facing intense workload with his "Tokyo Ghoul" franchise and fans are getting impatient waiting for its release. The creator definitely doesn't have the luxury to add another workload to his already hectic schedule. Second, if Yoshihiro Togashi will be replaced, they should have done it a long time ago. Time is of the essence - unless you're waiting for someone worth the time, like the "Hunter X Hunter" creator.

Aside from Sui Ishida, another possible illustrator that was being linked to "Hunter X Hunter's" continuation is Yoshihiro Togashi's wife, Naoko Takeuchi. Many speculate that she will be fit to take the job since she has the closest relationship with the infamous manga artist. Working with him will be a lot easier as they can both take criticisms openly.

Naoko Takeuchi is also a known manga artist herself. Some of her notable works include "Codename: Sailor V" and "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon." The 49-year-old artist also has numerous awards under her belt including 2nd Nakayosahi Comic Prize for Newcomers for "Yume Ja Nai No Ne" and 1986 New Artist award for "Love Call."

Yoshihiro Togashi's wife is also the artist behind the global hit "Sailor Moon," which recorded a total of 35 million copies and nabbed the Kodansha Manga Award. With all of her accomplishments, one would think that she is definitely the answer to "Hunter X Hunter's" seemingly endless hiatus. However, no confirmation has been made regarding her alleged takeover of Yoshihiro Togashi's place.

So far, "Hunter X Hunter" remains to be in the dark, waiting to be picked up by Yoshihiro Togashi. It remains unclear whether the replacement rumors are true. But one thing is for sure, every manga artist has its own flair. Replacing one will definitely change the entirety of the manga. Is replacing Yoshihiro Togashi worth the risk? Or is he worth all the wait?

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