Will Smith's Son Jaden Smith Expresses Interest In Playing A Role In 'Doctor Strange' Sequel

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith was not able to contain how he felt about Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest film, "Doctor Strange." The actor has taken to social media to express his enthusiasm and even sent a direct request to its creators.

Jaden Smith's Newfound Favorite

It can be recalled that the young actor had been a victim of a death hoax in October. Rumors about Will Smith's son committing suicide surfaced on a lot of news hubs. Theories about the cause of suicide have included a heartbreak, an issue of homosexuality and depression.

Now that the "After Earth" actor has surfaced to speak up about a new favorite, people's misconceptions about his death can finally be dismissed. The actor shared a tweet about his intense addiction to "Doctor Strange" on Friday, Nov 4.

"Doctor Strange" Film

The story of MCU's "Doctor Strange" revolves around doctor Stephen Strange, a world-known neurosurgeon. However, all his success and fame instantly crumbled when he got irreplaceable nerve damage from a car accident. Wanting to put everything back to how they were before the accident, the doctor turns to ancient methods to get what he needs.The movie's plot showcases a different realm of spirituality and mystic possibilities.

Having seen the movie for the first time, the young Smith tweeted that he was completely blown away by the movie and that he is going to dedicate the rest of his life living by the practices of MCU's superhero movie. Thankfully, Marvel executives were pleased with his commitment to mystic arts that they sent him a cute graphic in return. Smith did not waste any time and went on to tweet a message expressing his interest in being a part of "Doctor Strange's" sequel. Ironic as it may seem, the teen star supports MCU's creation even if his father Will Smith has played a part in DC's latest offering, "Suicide Squad." 

While there are no specific details on the "Doctor Strange" sequel yet, fans can be assured that the part two will definitely be happening. As per reports, Marvel has already something in store for everyone who love the first installment.


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