The Right To Suffrage Knows No Boundaries; Find Out How An American Astronaut Casted His Vote From Outer Space

Just a day before the most awaited presidential election, American astronaut Shane Kimbrough has already casted his vote. Being the only American in space, Kimbrough has also made his voice count as he casted his absentee ballot from the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday while floating 250 miles above Earth.

Shane Kimbrough: First American To Vote In Space

According to reports released by USA Today, technically, Kimbrough is considered the first ever American to vote while currently being in the outer space and election period are simultaneously happening. It was said that the implementation space voting was initially introduced in 1997. NASA has also clarified that although the first record of space voting was done by David Wolf as the first American to vote in space, he was on a Russian Mir Space Station at the time as compared to Kimbrough on the International Space Station.

First Voting From Space Successful; Another Astronaut, Kate Rubins, Also Recently Voted From Outer Space

Furthermore, NASA has already confirmed the successful casting of vote that took place through a secured electronic ballot. Reports has it that from the County Clerk's office, the electronic ballot was then sent to Mission Control and in turn, it was directly sent to the International Space Station where Kimbrough has been temporarily living since late October. It was said that the American astronaut had already someone in mind as to whom he will vote while he was still on Earth.

CBS News also reported that after the successful casting of Kimbrough's ballot has happened, NASA has then claimed that if astronauts like him on space can take time to let their votes be counted, it is our obligation as well here on Earth to head to the voting stations to cast votes.

Meanwhile, another American astronaut, Kate Rubins, who has also casted her vote from space few weeks ago before returning back to Earth on October 30 said that the mere act of voting during the election day plays a crucial role in everyone's lives as Americans.

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