NASA, FEMA Conduct Drills For Killer Asteroid Attack

How prepared are we when it comes to a killer asteroid coming down our way? Experts revealed that our planet has had a number of killer asteroid impacts in the past, and a lot more is in store throughout its entire existence. NASA and FEMA have recently conducted a simulation of what will precisely happen when a killer asteroid ever hits the planet again.

Associate Administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington, Thomas Zurbuchen has claimed that this instance is not a matter of knowing the "ifs" but rather knowing "when" as we deal with these kinds of situations.

Market Business News reports that NASA and FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency have collaborated with each other for their third installment of conducting the series of simulations. These joint exercises do not just aim to strengthen the collaboration between the two US agencies but also to spread the awareness and share the data about a predicted asteroid collision with the planet Earth.

Furthermore, according to reports released by Motherboard, scientists who gave themselves the responsibility of saving our planet have allegedly estimated and revealed that there was a two percent chance that the 800 foot-wide space rock would collide with Earth in late September of 2020.

Although it was found that no one in particular was worried about this phenomenon, astronomers were said to continue tracking the asteroid. Initially, experts have revealed that the probability of collision has been raised to 65 percent by January of 2017.

On the other hand, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate has emphasized the importance of having these kinds of low-probability but high consequence disaster scenarios. Fugate adds that this joint exercises would also be able to make the people be better prepared if and when the need arises.

At the present time, simulations are believed to have allowed the researchers to create ways in order to accurately inform the public in a timely manner while dismissing the allegations and false information that are seen to emerge.

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