Russia Confessed They Might Have Helped WikiLeaks With Clinton´s Emails

Pro-Kremlin political analyst Sergey Markov confessed that Russia might help the transparency radical organization WikiLeaks with Hillary Clinton´s emails, in order to make Donald Trump get elected as president of the U.S., which could mean fit in Vladimir Putin´s interest. This confession could escalate tensions between both countries, which have been characterized as bad diplomatic relations in the past decades.

Markov Helped WikiLeaks With Clinton´s Emails A Little Bit

According to the International Business Times, Markov explained that the elections´ results were a great news for American democracy, and denied any kind of state involvement with Clinton´s emails. However, he later said that "Maybe we helped a bit with WikiLeaks". Some weeks ago, the U.S. government blamed Russia for being behind the hacks and wanting to interfere with the elections, but the Kremlins denies the accusations.

In response to Markov´s confession, the non-profit organization discredits the media for they made a bad translation of the Pro-Kremlin analyst comments, and put into question the reliability of the news. WikiLeaks has always claimed that there was no group or government involved in its actions against the Democratic nominee, although it has been repeatedly said that Putin was behind it.

Some Kremlin´s Members Doesn´t Rely On Trump´s Unpredictability

Even when WikiLeaks wasn´t working with any other party, it is an undeniable fact that the organization didn't want Hillary Clinton as the new president, since the leaks that it was published were exclusively from her campaign chairman, John Podesta. As reported in a previous article, the most suspicious detail about all of this is that WikiLeaks and Russia shared the same interest in the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

According to The Guardian, the editor-in-chief of Russia´s liberal Echo of Moscow radio, Alexei Venediktov, explained that even when many Kremlin members have openly shown their support for Donald Trump and their joy for the elections results, the most serious members could be actually worried, since no one knows which Trump´s real intentions are, considering his unpredictability.

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