Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Series Producer Plans For More Pokemon Remakes After Current Success

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming, Pokemon fans sure can't contain their excitement especially after teasing them of game leaks, new Pokemon, and game demo. And now, more good news is set to come as reports are saying that there will be more up and coming Pokemon remakes.

Pokemon Game Remake History

Junichi Masuda, Pokemon game franchise producer, teased that there might be remakes for old Pokemon games. Masuda has hinted the remake while he was in an interview, further illustrating the success of Pokemon Red and Blue's re-release on Nintendo 3DS.

As we can remember, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company started the trend in bringing old games back to life doing makeovers on their graphics. This game remake trend started when they brought the original Game Boy classics game Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen (2004) to the Game Boy Advance. This trend continued with Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver to the very first Nintendo DS and then Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for 3DS. The latter also updated the Game Boy Advance games with a redesign in graphics and new features based on Pokemon X and Y.

Masuda told IGN, "I think the remakes, like Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, is still an approach we're interested in. With the Virtual Console releases of the original games, specifically there had never been a way to bring those Pokémon over to the latest generation. It had always been that you couldn't get those Pokémon out."

Pokemon Gold and Silver on 3DS

Despite seeing the success in re-releasing Pokemon Red and Blue to the Nintendo 3DS, Masuda confirmed that the Pokemon Company is not planning to take Pokemon Gold and Silver to the 3DS.

"With the 20th anniversary, it was the right timing to release the original games. I think that we really want to give people the experience of bringing these Pokémon from the original Game Boy and seeing what they look like in Pokémon Sun and Moon. That is something that I want people to enjoy," Masuda further explained.

So will we expect a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake soon? Let's cross our fingers for now. Anyway, Pokemon Sun and Moon is just a few days away!

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