Overwatch Hero Update: Blizzard Confirms Upcoming Gay Hero; Players React

Overwatch players may soon have an openly gay character in the game soon. Blizzard has confirmed it and there have been reactions from the Overwatch gaming community.

Blizzard Confirms Upcoming LGBT Hero in Overwatch

During the 2016 Blizzcon event, most of the Overwatch fans were excited about the Sombra reveal. However, Overwatch representatives Geoff Goodman and Rachel Day also made mention that an actual LGBT hero is already in the game. They did not say any name but assured that a story will be coming up real soon not "Blizzard TM Soon". The video clip of the Blizzard LGBT confirmation could be seen here.

Overwatch game designers have opened up of the idea of bringing a gay character in the game as early as 2015. That subject has again opened up in this year's Blizzcon. Day first responded by saying that they are exploring the possibility of bringing an LGBT character at some future date.

Then Goodman surprised the audience by telling that there is already an LGBT hero in Overwatch. However, they do not want to reveal which particular hero yet until they have prepared a believable story for the Overwatch fans.

Players React To Overwatch Gay Character

The announcement was both cheered and jeered by various Overwatch fans while some claimed indifference to the issues. LGBT players were naturally elated by the news while others were incredulous as to why Blizzard would do such a thing.

Many assumed that the Zarya is the possible LGBT character due to her boyish hairstyle and muscular build but aside from that, there is little or no indication that she is gay. Some are spouting the idea that Bastion is the one but of course that seems unlikely. Every Overwatch player and fan knows or should know that Bastion is a robot and in fact genderless. Until Blizzard tells who the LGBT hero in Overwatch is, fans would continue to speculate about it.

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