Samsung Is Cautious Of Releasing Foldable Smartphones In The Market Set For Next Year

A Samsung patent application revealed a look of its possible foldable phone. There have been a number of reports about the tech company's plan of releasing such device next year. Though Samsung has not confirmed anything yet. Now, a source disclosed to the Korea Herald that the tech giant is cautious of actually releasing foldable smartphones in the market.

Capable But Unsure

A source said to the Korea Herald that the Samsung already capable of mass producing foldable phones. The tech company may very well release it by 2017 if they want to. Though the premium models will only be available in small quantities. However, there is uncertainty on the part of the Korean-based tech company.

Samsung is not sure whether the possible pricy foldable smartphones can meet the market demand. The said source further said that the company needs to confirm the market condition before making a decision. He added that Samsung will likely unveil foldable tablets instead of smartphones.

The said tablets will have panels facing outward. Apparently, this particular design has less technical burden than inward panels.

Foldable Phones Will Be A Huge Step Forward

Samsung's caution is not unfounded. The company has suffered two huge blows this year. The recalls of its Galaxy Note 7 and washing machines have put Samsung in a bad light. The Android Headlines is right that the company has to ensure the safety and cost-effectivity of its upcoming products.

However, Samsung should take the risk of releasing these foldable smartphones in the market. Such innovation can be an advantage for them. LG and Lenovo are still the only tech companies it could go up against.

Samsung's Patent Application

The recently published patent application of Samsung shows a phone that can be folded half down its middle. Sam Mobile described the device's hinge similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Book. Furthermore, it might have the same cavity when it is folded.

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