Google Pixel, Pixel XL Problem: Can't Connect To LTE

Not a lot of valid complaints were made about the Pixel and Pixel XL during the first weeks of their launch. However, as of recently, a number of non-US users of the Pixels have reported LTE-related issues that they have encountered with their phones. Apparently, their phones could not connect to LTE and it's unclear what the main reason behind this is.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL LTE Issues

As per GSM Arena, a small number of Pixel users from South America and Canada have reported having issues in connecting to LTE. In summary, it looks like the said phones and/or carriers in said locations rely on Band 4 to get their LTE connection. Because of this problem, the phones' connection gets pulled back to an HSPA+ connection.

Google Pixel Phones LTE Problems Resolutions

Right now, Google hasn't really provided a solid solution to the Pixels' connection problem. Although, it's good news that the company has already acknowledged the problem, Android Central reported. However, there's still no clarity as to how this issue could be fixed. There are users who say that the company has allowed them to swap out their phones. However, of course, there's no assurance that the hardware swap will do the trick and fix the LTE issue.

Since Google hasn't actually provided an explanation for these, affected users have their own assumptions as to what the root of the problem is. Some users would say that this could be fixed by registering your SIM cards to a different IMEI number. Some people also associate this problem to Qualcomm's compatibility issues of some sort. Needless to say, this problem is a minor one and hopefully, Google can finally point out what the real issue is.

It's worth noting that the said LTE problem in Pixel phones has only been recorded outside US. The said problem is still almost non-existent in the US. It could be because the number of US cases is pretty low, or the said Pixel problem simply doesn't exist in the country. With that said, US carriers could actually support all kinds of LTE connections, thus saving themselves from such a problem.

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