Brad Pitt Has Audio Recording Bombs That Will Destroy Angelina Jolie According To Reports

The ageless and World War Z actor broke his silence when he first walked to the red carpet for his upcoming World War II Drama "Allied". He was alongside with her co-star Marion Cotillard who was also the first suspect of having an affair with Brad Pitt.

First Appearance After The Brangelina Saga

When Brad Pitt made his very first appearance after the divorce saga with estranged wife Angelina Jolie, he visibly doesn't look the same. The A-lister actor tried his very best to be as gorgeous as he could muster but the difference is very clear. He is still in pain, shocked and stunned on what had happened between him and her wife Angelina Jolie.

Custody Battle And Pitt Accused Of Child Abuse

Nobody in their right mind will physically, mentally or emotionally abuse their children. This might be the biggest battle that Brad Pitt has ever faced. According to one of the respected websites, Jolie's team are extensively pushing Brad Pitt to its limits and allegations. Brad Pitt and his representatives, however, challenged Jolie's team to provide concrete proof about the child abuse charges. Yes, it was reported that Maddox and his father Brad had some miscommunication but not to the extent of abusing his children.

Brad Pitt Has A Dynamite Audio Recording Against Angelina

In a stunning event, after he walked into the red carpet, a lot of insiders heard a buzz that Brad Pitt has some dynamite recording. Sources also said that this recording will be the key for him to win the primary custody of their six kids and possibly destroying or embarrassing the Oscar-winning actress. There are countless times when Brad Pitt tried to stay away from the cases pressed against him but this time, there's no silencing him.

"Nobody wants to play dirty like that - it's not good for the children - but Angelina and her team seem absolutely hell-bent on trying to discredit Brad in order to stop him from getting joint custody," the insider told The Sun. "Yes there was an argument on the plane between him and Maddox, but that's it," insider added. "It's not abuse. Brad has made it obvious that he wants to come to a mature arrangement and stop throwing dirt at each other."

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