Does Gender Play A Significant Role In Responding To Stress And Anxiety? Find Out How

A new research suggests that girls tend to respond differently when it comes to stress management since it has the ability to change parts in their brain. Experts reveal that various traumatic situations are found to cause the shrinking of the part of their brain; which is responsible for feelings and actions known as the "insula." While stress on boys are found to have opposite effects; which causes theirs to grow.

Understanding The Impacts Of Stress In Different Genders

Researchers from Stanford University had recently conducted a study participated by 60 children aged nine to 17 years old having similar IQ levels by undergoing MRI scans. According to Mogaznews En, it was found that the brains of male and female patients known to be suffering from post traumatic disorder were also assessed in the said experiment.

Experts have revealed that the constant exposure to accidents, violent personal attacks, sexual abuse and witnessing violent crimes and disasters does not necessarily mean it also triggers PTSD. However, it was found out that those who do develop PTSD normally suffer nightmares and flashbacks.

Girls More Prone To Stress And Anxiety Disorders Than Boys

As per Daily Mail, it was allegedly believed that girls were more likely to suffer from the anxiety disorders than boys. But, with the recent discoveries, scientists are now in a state of doubt again as to why. They reportedly found that stress induced by trauma has actually changed one part of the insula. In turn, the insula would normally decrease in terms of its size as children and teenagers grow older. Moreover, experts are convinced that traumatic stress is also a major stakeholder when it comes to aging in girls.

On the other hand, lead researcher Dr Victor Carrion has claimed that the insula appears to play a key role in the development of PTSD. Experts also claim that there are some studies; which also suggests that high levels of stress could also induce early puberty in girls.

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