Blast From The Past From A Nintendo Console Already Sold Out: Latest News About The NES Classic Edition

For those kids who grew up in the 90's and had an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), games such as Legendary Wings, Super Mario Bros., and Robocop were one of the most popular games it had. There was also the game Duck Hunt that can only be playable with that "gun controller" to be able to shoot the ducks. Yes, those were the good old days of 8-bit offline games, and we loved it.

Nintendo NES Classic Went On Sale

According to a written article at The Verge, the NES Classic went on sale for the holidays for only $59.99. To everyone's surprise, despite being a classic console, the diminutive retro console sold out in a matter of minutes. It didn't even last until the afternoon for other video game lovers to get their hands on it, which made many consumers disappointed. Also, almost other online retailers that were selling the classic console for up to $200-$300 range are almost running out.

Fans and critics were also disappointed by the fact that Nintendo did not learn its lesson from previous sales. Last time, Nintendo underestimated the supply of the Pokemon Red/Blue New 3DS bundle and the original Wii which also sold in a matter of minutes. Now, fans again are either left scouring stores and hoping desperately to find an NES Classic or left to pay outrageous markups on the gray market.

Fans are now appealing to Nintendo to release more NES classic in the market. However, there is no information from Nintendo. In the event that Nintendo does release more, then it will be great news. If not, then the NES Classic will be another sought after item by video game collectors and lovers.

Things You Need To Know About The NES Classic

It is priced at $59.99. However, due to its scarcity and popularity, some owners are selling it for as high as $200 on eBay. Definitely, a great way to make a quick buck. The Nintendo NES Classic is a mini console in the shape of a Nintendo Entertainment System. It uses HDMI to connect to televisions. And the controllers are not wireless. Initially, it accepted preorders from retailers, but Nintendo stopped it. Nintendo says it will be available everywhere. The best chance of finding a unit is from Best Buy or Target.

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