LA Lakers Young Bloods Making A Statement Post Kobe Retirement

Los Angeles Lakers 2016/17 Promo - New Era
Los Angeles Lakers 2016/17 Promo - New Era Photo : MambaDontFear / YouTube

The NBA Season has just started but the new look of LA Lakers is making a bold statement. The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant might have retired but that doesn't mean that Lakers has lost it.

Almost everybody was counting out the Los Angeles Lakers except their loyal fans when Kobe retired. They were totally disrespected by the media. They were even tagged as The Los Angeles No Show, mocking their glory days nickname as the Los Angeles Lakers Showtime. It did hurt most of the players as reported by our sources. But no mistake about it as they were up for the challenge.

Young Nucleus With A Veteran Guidance

The Lakers roster is mostly made up of young NBA players. Players who aged at around 20-24 years old. They do have some veterans on their team namely, Metta World Peace, Luol Deng, streak shooter Lou Williams, pass first point guard Jose Calderon and ex-cavalier Timofey Mozgov. However they are riding on the young bloods back. The steady play of Jordan Clarkson, the maturity of D'Angelo Russell and the competitiveness of Julius Randle is spearheading the Lakers attack.

Luke Walton's Championship Experience

Luke Walton might have small amount of experience when it comes to coaching but you can never count him out. He is the son of NBA great Bill Walton and a champion as a player and an assistant coach. He played with the lakers with the guidance of the Zen Master himself, Phil Jackson. He was even a teammate of Kobe Bryant. Imagine having all those experiences and mold it together, that is what Luke Walton is right now. He is smart and knows how to control his young players, of course with the help of Brian Shaw who is a former teammate and currently his assistant coach.

Lakers Shocked The World When They Clobbered Golden State Warriors

Before the game started, i checked the bets in Las Vegas and the numbers are lop sided. The Los Angeles Lakers has no chance of beating the super team of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, and the newly added superstar, Kevin Durant. The media even made a comment stating that by first quarter, Lakers will be down by 50 points. But the LA Lakers has other plan.

LA Lakers game plan was really simple, to outrun and out hustle the former Champions. They have young legs and they've used it to their advantage. Not only they were outrunning the Warriors, they even beat them to their own game. Warriors only made 5 3 point field goals in 32 attempts, while LA made 8 out of 30.

They even stopped the greatest shooter in NBA history Steph Curry. We all know that he is a marksman and scoring is not a problem for him. The game ended with Un-Curry like performance, shooting just 5 out of 17 on the field and 0 out of 10 from the 3 point land. Yes, you read it right, 0 out of 10. This also ended the streak of Steph Curry of most consecutive 3 points made in a game.

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