Dota 2 News: How Singsing Is Greatly Affected By Report Abuse

One of the latest updates in Dota 2 is the tweaking of the reporting system which by now, heavily punishes any players that violate or exploit the balance of the game which includes communication abuse, intentional feeding, etc. It may sound fair and just specially with the growing toxic community comparable to that of Overwatch, which is filled with salty and uncooperative players. But as you can see, the more sensitive the reporting system gets, the higher the possibility of exploiting this feature - and one of the personalities that are suffering from this exploit is the highly popular streamer and former professional player, WehSing "SingSing" Yuen.

Dota 2 Streamer: SingSing

SingSing announced his retirement from professional eSport after his departure from team Kaipi to focus more on streaming. It's important to note that streaming provides a considerable amount of income especially to a highly popular player with an enormous fan-based like SingSing - with an estimated 350,000 followers. We can only guess for the estimated income that SingSing gets via his livestreams but it's undoubtedly enough to enable him to live a stable life in his own personal apartment. But it's more likely to change now following the latest update of the reporting system.

Dota 2: New Report System And Its Effects

One of the major changes in the reporting system is that, the game is now more sensitive with the number of reports that a player accumulates every 10 games. To date, it's still unclear as to the exact number of reports needed before you get sent to low priority but it's pretty clear that it is now easier than ever - SingSing has been in low priority matches for 5 days straight in this week alone. Moreover, he sometimes get sent to LP more than once in a day which is extremely insane considering that when he streams, as of late, he tries his best not to flame and to perform well for his team.

The major concern about getting into low priority match is that, it affects the player's mentality - which is very crucial for top tiered players considering that they need to maintain a considerable amount of skillset in order to attract and preserve their followers. As a professional streamer, streaming comprises the majority of SingSing's income and therefore, the abuse and exploit he get (not just him) through the new reporting system directly disrupts both his skills and income in the process.

What do you think of the new reporting system? Do you think Valve has to make some changes in order to prevent this exploits and abuses? Let us know in the comments down below.

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