Tom Clancy's The Division Guide: How To Survive The 2-Hour Limit Mission

It holds true that Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC is yet to arrive. Nevertheless, Ubisoft has already shared some detailed information about as well as to how players will survive the chaos it brings. In its most organic form, the forthcoming content will have fans finishing the mission within 2 hours.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division will work as some kind of an extra mission. It's also set in a map similar to the one in the official game. The only difference, however, is it has some added affects like snow or something. Either way, it's shaping to be an interesting one.

The idea of Survival DLC is for Tom Clancy's The Division players to survive hunger, thirst and heat, among others. Otherwise, it wouldn't be called as such. As fans face these end times, they'll be bugged with various villains and/or enemies. Well, let alone the fact that there's a time constraint -- 2 hours limit, as mentioned above.

Tom Clancy's The Division players will start the Survival mission very weak. But in order for them to survive, they have to fight their way to the center of Manhattan, the Dark Zone. That way, once they arrive, they'll be relieved and saved. It's been said that at the aforesaid location, an antiviral drug has been deployed and players need this if they want their characters to live, as noted by Kotaku.

The Survival DLC of Tom Clancy's The Division will require a total of 24 players. Each player, though, begin in various spots - all of which are situated around virtual Manhattan's perimeter. The only catch is that they'll have green items of low level equipped with pistols as a gear. There are also hideouts in where players can hone their respective kills and such.

Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC is currently priced at $14.99. For gamers to get it free, they mus purchase the game's Season Pass ($39.99). This can be bought on Xbox One Store for Xbox, PlayStation Store for PS4 and Steam for PC owners.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Tom Clancy's The Division DLC titled Survival? What are your expectations? Let us know at the comment section below!

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