Skyrim Special Edition Tips And Tricks: How To Level Up Skills Faster

Skyrim Special Edition offers a lot of challenges to the newcomers and veterans alike. One such challenge is leveling up the skills. It might seem easy at first, but the higher level the player, the harder it is to level up a skill. This is really common, so fans have come up with tips to overcome this problem.

How To Level Up Skills Faster

The mostly used skill, Restoration, can easily be leveled up by doing simple steps. Players must equip a healing spell and an equilibrium spell. In this way, players can cast equilibrium on their character while healing it with healing spell. Doing this steps continuously will level up Healing skill in no time.

The Destruction skills and Conjuration skills are mostly required to be leveled up fast in the game. Players must play through Dark Brotherhood Quests. Then players will have access to the torture room where they can cast Destruction spells to the prisoners as long as players will not kill it. Players can equip both hands with Destruction spells while fighting enemies. It is a good way in order to level up the skill faster.

The third and mostly important to level up early in game are the light and heavy armor skills. Players must find weak enemies and take damage then heal using healing spell. This will have a great boost for armor skills and healing skill as well. Players can also block the weak enemy attacks so players can also level up blocking skills early in game.

Tip: Play Through The Game

Most players are confused whether their skills are lacking in level especially early in game. Skills like Thief, Smithing and other weapon skills can mostly be leveled up as the character plays through the game. Thief skills can be easily leveled up by consistently sneaking in areas where is crowded. Players can also steal as much as they want in the game to level up their pickpocket skill. It is most effective when stealing money, when players are most likely not be caught. Smithing skills can be easily leveled up while playing the game as players will encounter more upgrades to their equipment. Weapon skills are most likely to level up in any combat situations.

Skyrim Special Edition is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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