'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoiler Alert: Rick Tries To Defy Negan And Suffer The Consequences; Alexandria To Be Set On Fire

Ever since the tragic losses of dear characters during the season seven premiere of "The Walking Dead," Negan has already established power and control above everyone else. However, Rick still chooses to go against him and thus suffers the consequences of his rebellion.

Rick Continues To Defy Negan; Planning A Plot To Take Him Down And Strip Him Off His Power Once And For All

There have currently been four episodes aired for the duration of "The Walking Dead" season seven and still, Rick hasn't done anything to please Negan. As a matter of fact, he does the exact opposite of the latter's demands and this will definitely not end well for any one of them. There have been reports claiming that the next few episodes will have so much tension and heat between the two alpha males as both decide to be the alpha one.

There have been leaked storylines alleged to happen in the coming episodes of the season, just before their mid-season finale. In the next episode of "The Walking Dead," Negan will be able to visit Alexandria for the first time and Maggie is due to have her baby already. However, based on the comic book version of the series, Negan will set Alexandria on fire as to teach Rick a lesson for not obeying his orders. Thus, after this, the alleged plotline for the upcoming mid-season finale episode is that Rick will finally be able to come up with a plan to take Negan down from his power.

Alexandria Gets A Visit And They Won't Be Entirely Happy About It

The town of Alexandria will receive a visit from all of them and the residents in it will reportedly not be happy about it. Aside from the increasing tension between Negan and Rick, there have also been reports of another tragic death set to happen before the season ends. "The Walking Dead" has always been known for killing off beloved and hated characters alike as the series progresses, but that doesn't mean it takes away the thrill of what is bound to happen.

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