Dishonored 2 Guide: Coins And Their Locations In Chapter 1 A Long Day In Dunwall

By Hansel V. A. , Nov 13, 2016 01:41 PM EST

Coins are the basic form of money in Dishonored 2. You can acquire them by collecting coins and completing quests. You can also have them by selling valuable items in the market. In the first mission chapter of Dishonored 2, there are coins scattered all over Dunwall. Here are the locations of some of them.

Dishonored 2 Coins In The Dunwall Tower

Upper Floor. In the bedroom, you can find coins inside two light pouches located in the rightmost tall cupboard and the other one inside the center of the cabinet. There are also coins inside a bottle of bathing salts in the small room between the bedroom and the bathroom. More coins inside the cabinet next to the staircase.

Lower Floor. Three coins are placed on the table next to the maid corpse. Mortimer Ramsey is carrying 20 more coins. In the safe room, you'll find gold ingot inside the safe. There are also coins in the cabinet next to the staircase.

Dishonored 2 Coins In The Dunwall Streets

Rooftops Storeroom. There is a painting you won't miss. You can also get coins in the dresser before the balcony door. In the City Watch Armory, there are coins sitting on the table at the entrance and on the left side is a shelf containing a copper wire coil.

Doctor Galvani's Apartment. There's a cabinet in the entrance part of the building, inside are four coins. Check the fireplace, you'll see a painting hanging above and a copper wire coil on the table in front of it. At the back of the painting is a combination of numbers, use it to open the safe that contains two silver ingots.

Robbed Apartment. This is on the right side of the street. Check the cabinet in the entrance, the fish statue on the desk, and the cupboard next to that desk. Also, check the lucky sphalerite on the dinner table for coins.

Boyle Industries Office. In the lobby, the guard observing a dead body is carrying ten coins. More coins can be found in an umber wood statue inside both small and big display cases. Look for the four safes in the strongroom for more coins and also on the table. You might also want to go to the cashier's area and get the coins on the scale and inside both left and right registers.

The Black Pony Pub. Upon entering are four coins sitting on the table. The woman in front of the bar wearing green as well as the barman are also carrying coins. More inside the cash register.

Hatter's Hideout. This hideout is located behind the Black Pony. One of the hatters is carrying coins. You'll also find coins on the tables and on a workbench inside.

Warehouse. The guard in the warehouse is carrying coins. More coins are found inside the bottle of a processed whale on a workbench at the main entrance and in the opposite of it is a crate with coins. Two more copper wire coils are sitting on the shelves behind the big cistern, look for it.

Aside from coins, another collectible in Dishonored 2 are runes. Runes are used to upgrade your characters abilities. You can read this guide that will also help you in locating all of them.

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