Chopstick Stuck In Chinese Man's Penis During Self-Diagnosis

A Chinese man named only as 'Chen' who lives in East China's Zhejiang Province, had to undergo surgery to remove a painful object from his manhood.  Doctors removed a chopstick from his penis and said he could have died if he pushed the chopstick any further into his genitals.

The Stainless-Steel Object Has Reached The Man's Rectal Wall

Chen used the chopstick at home but was left in severe pain when he could not detach it from his penis.  He was then left with no choice but to face his fears by having himself checked by a doctor at Hagzhou City's Uhang District, China.  Doctors were able to successfully remove the chopstick, but it is unknown whether he sustained long-term damage.

Chen Was Admittedly Trying To Self-Diagnose Blood In His Urine

Chen was too nervous to have himself checked by a doctor.  He had found blood in his urine so tried to investigate the problem himself by inserting a seven-inch chopstick in his penis.  When asked why he did so, he told doctors that there might a be tear in his urethra, so he tried to check by using the chopstick.

Just days earlier, another man from Bangkok, Thailand was rushed to the nearest hospital to have a sex toy removed with bolt cutters after it got lodged on his penis.    Still another man from Honduras had a more painful experience.  Doctors had to amputate his penis after it became stuck in a bottle he was using as a sex toy for four days.  He did not get medical help right away but eventually did when his penis had 'turned black'.  The man had suffered necrosis, a condition where cells in the body die.   It occurs when too little blood flows to the tissue, and this can be from injury. 

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