Dishonored 2' Guide For Beginners: Choosing Playstyles And Which Is Best To Get Trophies

By Allan Gonzales , Nov 13, 2016 04:39 PM EST

'Dishonored 2' is a kind of game that plays out each level differently depending on how the player plays it. This guide will help you see what will play out in your chosen playstyle and what kind of trophies or achievement could it unlock.

Being Aggressive or Stealthy in 'Dishonored 2

For beginners, it's either you're stealthy or aggressive. If you are mostly doing stealth, you will be able to take advantage of the Blink feature which allows you to teleport quickly. Unlike other games that become boring when you play too safe, 'Dishonored 2' breaks tradition and makes it actually more fun and possibly faster progress in the game.

Being aggressive in the 'Dishonored 2' is a completely different story. It's actually kind of difficult to finish the game in this kind of playstyle. If you check the gameplay of other players in YouTube, you can see many of them goes back to being stealthy just to settle down everything.

Chaos Level of Your Gameplay in 'Dishonored 2'

Everything you do in each level can greatly affect the scenario in future levels. So if you kills too many people and leave them just as it is or if the enemies see you too many times, prepare to play in a world where everyone is on heightened alert and relatively more enemies compared to a well-thought playstyle.

Your chaos level doesn't necessarily mean you are aggressive. You can be stealthy but at the same time brutally eliminate every enemy you encounter. Or you could be aggressive in 'Dishonored 2' but only use non-lethal weapons like sleep darts as weapons. Keeping the number of kills down certainly makes the game much easier to play.

Merciful and Shadow Achievement

To unlock the Shadow Achievement in 'Dishonored 2', you need to finish every level without ever being seen. You can kill people as you please but make sure the enemy never spots you and the bodies you kill are never detected. Do this level correctly and you will receive Ghost.

Now if you plan to do it the hard way and never kill a person, then you will be ranked as Merciful and could get the Clean Hands Achievement. It doesn't matter how aggressive you are and how many times you get spotted, just make sure that you do not take anyone's life. Just remember that clockwork soldiers, blood flies, animals and alike are not considered as people so you can kills as many of them as possible without affecting your gameplay in 'Dishonored 2'.

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