Apple Might Release Three New iPads For March: One Of These Is Its Biggest Ever

A Barclays Research report revealed that hi-tech giant Apple could release three new models of the iPad Pro in March next year, including one that would be the biggest tablet of all time. The variants would be a refreshed model of the 9.7-inch, a brand new 10.9-inch version which would come with a bezel-free design that ditches the home button - being physically the same size as the current generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro- and the 12.9-inch screen size, which represent the largest-sized screen so far.

Three New iPads That Could Be Apple´s Surprising Product In 2017

According to the International Business Times, this could mean an incredible revolution for Apple´s tablets, considering that the iPads are currently being retailed in the iPad Mini, which its 7.9-inch screen, the classic iPad, with the 9.7-inch screen and the iPad Pro, which sports 12.9-inch screen. Although this hasn't been confirmed, many believe that this is likely to happen, considering that Apple is betting a lot for renewing interest in its tablets line next year.

In fact, this is something that the Cupertino company has been planning, considering that it sold 10.9 millions of these devices two years ago, and now it has sold almost a million less, which clearly shows that the iPad is facing a delicate moment that has to be solved with an important move of this kind.

Users Could Watch Videos And Hear Music Better Than Ever

According to Express, although the Barclays Research report doesn't show any information regarding the prices, it explains that these iPads might come with a major upgrade in sound quality, as the three new models will now be equipped with quad microphones. This represents great news for iPad lovers, considering that one of its main weakness has now been solved, and now the users have the chance of watching a video or hearing music without the necessity of wearing the 3.5mm headphone jacks, which are also included in the three new iPads.

With iPhone and MacBook Pro updates out of the way, Apple will focus its attention on these three new iPads, wanting to make it as popular as its incredible smartphone, which or course, it will not be an easy task, considering that desktops and laptops are nowadays more popular than tablets.


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