Strange News: Doctors Put A Patient's Ear On His Arm To Restore Senses

Chinese doctors have recently found an unconventional way of restoring a patient's hearing ability as they have grown a new ear on his forearm. In this breakthrough procedure, doctors allegedly took rib cartilage from a patient, identified as "Mr. Ji," and was said to have transferred it to his arm after a horrific car accident leaving him without a right ear. Surgeons have claimed that right after the operation, the man who is believed to be in his late thirties will feel better than ever.

Ear Transplant And Facial Surgery 

In one of the statements released by Medical Daily, it was found out that the ear transplant is just one of the several yet thorough surgeries that Mr. Ji has gone through after being involved in an accident making the entire side of his face to be torn off. It was said that apart from the ear transplant, a facial surgery has also been required in order to restore his facial features. Despite these surgeries, the man was still found to be frustrated after missing one of his ears.

According to Daily Mail, before considering the ear transplant, Mr. Ji was said to have sought for experts' advice. It was when he realized that it was already an impossible case for him to restore his ear through the usual medical process as it was also known that some of the vital parts of his right ear had gone out missing right after the traffic accident.

Three-Step Medical Procedure Perforned On Mr. Ji

Dr. Guo, the surgeon who performed the operation on Mr. Ji said that he found that a three step medical procedure might be applicable for the patient. In the first step, Dr. Guo reveals that he and his team had embedded a skin expander under Mr Ji's right forearm. It was then in the second step wherein a cartilage from the patient's ribs were taken in order to create a new ear before starting to implant the artificial organ in Mr. Ji's right forearm. Lastly, it was found that the third step is yet to be performed as doctors are set to move the fully grown ear from the patient's arm to his head using the vascular anastomosis techniques.

At the present time, it was said that Mr. Ji was still feeling inconvenient and frustrated about the loss of his ear. However, he is still hopeful of the results when his final set of operation will be finished which may enable him to live a normal life once more.

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