Pokemon Sun and Moon News: Mods, Game Cheats Ready For Launch

Pokemon fans, are you ready for the Nintendo 3DS exclusives, Pokemon Sun and Moon? Well, you should be as there are only four more days to go and we can finally get to meet the 800 Pokemon that are slated to appear in the upcoming RPG games by Game Freak and Nintendo.

For the past months, we have been treated with a couple of Pokemon Sun and Moon leak that sure brought in more hype, including the stats reveal of Sun and Moon starters, version exclusives, and their Pokemon Alola forms. Now that you must have spent a good amount of time getting acquainted with the juicy datamined details, are you ready for the games' mods and hacks?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Cheats

Game cheats are definitely not uncommon these days especially now that we have more software and more people adept in technology. So it's probably not a surprise that there have been reports circulating the internet about Pokemon Sun and Moon cheats. But will Game Freak do whatever it takes to stop these game hacks from circulating?

According to Kotaku, Pokemon games developer, Game Freak, was never as good as other developers such as Rockstar in solving the game cheating issue due to the many ways to get around such as Action Replay, Game Shark, and other apps. And just recently, another report confirmed that a "Pokemon core series save editor" named PKHex can get in to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

PKHex, Pokemon Sun and Moon Hack

PKHex, according to Reddit users, was able to hack Pokemon Sun and Moon even though we're still days away from its release. This was even confirmed by Kaphotics, the well-known Pokemon Sun and Moon leaker. He/She/They later revealed that you can actually tweak a lot of things in the upcoming Pokemon games. People are said to have been using the Sun and Moon hacking tool to flood Wonder Trades with Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mods

For Pokemon Sun and Moon mods, you can check out a hack that will better enhance your Pokemon Sun and Moon visuals. The recent no-line patch somehow modifies the game removing the outlines and creating a smoother, better-looking look. However, this mod was made on a Sun and Moon game that was emulated. Unfortunately, the Nintendo 3DS only has a 6MB total in VRAM (and is about 5 years old) which is primarily the reason why the handheld isn't able to handle the stunning resolution.

Pokemon Sun and Moon games will be made available on Nov. 18 to the Nintendo 3DS.

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