Dice Frosbite Engine Works Well With PlayStation 4 Pro? Battlefield 1 & FIFA 17 Tested

The Dice Frosbite Game Engine was used in developing game titles such as Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17. The two have been tested with the PlayStation Pro 4 and here is what the tester found.

How FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 Look On PlayStation 4 Pro Graphics

The general look of FIFA 17 on PS4 Pro is clean and the graphics even became clearer. The football game did suffer some anti-aliasing issue that was already present upon its release. The PS4 Pro managed to smoothen it out but it's still noticeable.

Battlefield 1 on the other hand, presents an impressive view but up to a point. Players used to a 1080p or ultra HD graphics may feel disappointed with it. The developer used a general code for the upgrades that will work well with ultra-displays. However, DICE's Frosbite managed to leave out some graphic improvements on high-end computers that include the game's terrain.

The testers believed that resolution quality of Battlefield 1 is somewhat situated in the middle of a 1080p and 4K. They also believed that the PS4 Pro graphics can be appreciated if it is use in tandem with a 4K television or display.

 Frame Rate Comparison

Testers also noticed quite frame rate improvement from the PlayStation 4 Pro compared to the PS4 when it comes to playing the BF1 campaign mode. However, no study has been conducted yet if such frame rates will hold on multiplayer modes.


Dice can only get so far with its Frosbite game engine. But it seems the developer is striking a balance between graphic good looks and CPU limits. The PS4 Pro is much like the same since it's not entirely a new console but an improvement over the PS4. Both the Frosbite and PS4 Pro managed to make the game look more visually appealing and the added processing power of the Pro helped improve the gameplay.

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