‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 87, 88 Recap And Spoilers: Grisha’s Titan Origin And Owl’s True Identity Revealed

By Monica Macalinao , Nov 14, 2016 05:52 AM EST
The new chapter has finally been released. Here are more the full recap of "Attack on Titan" Chapter 87 and some spoilers for the next chapter. (Photo : ForneverWorld/Youtube)

Finally, after a much-anticipated release of "Attack on Titan" chapter 87, it has arrived. Hajima Isayama surely did a good job in this chapter as the revelations continue to unfold and the emotional whirlwind continues.

If you have not read the latest chapter and would not want to spoil it, proceed with caution or skip over the recap part. Otherwise, have fun reading!

"Attack on Titan" Chapter 87 Recap

The chapter titled "Borderline" is surely an emotional one as the chapter kicks-off with Dr. Grisha Yeager. He is rather regretful about what he did to Zeke and is feeling overcome with guilt for not learning from his past mistakes and endangering the life of his son.

Dr. Grisha Yeager was the one who volunteered his son Zeke to infiltrate and try to overtake the Marleyan government. However, as previously reported, Zeke had been brainwashed the Marley's and confessed to the government about Grisha and Dina's involvement in the mission.

The chapter also revealed who Night Owl really is. Night Owl is the leader of the Eldian Revivalist and is considered dangerous by the Marleyans. They are wary of his presence since the Owl was able to infiltrate their government and established rebels within their territory.

According to a report, the Marleys are concerned that the Night Owl might concoct a plan to defeat them by partnering with their enemy from the east. It is speculated that their enemies are the East Sea Clan where Mikasa originated.

During the course of the chapter, Grisha was badly tortured and even saw the person who recruited him to the Eldian Revivalist group. Grise was pushed down the wall by Marleyan officers and was left to be chased and eaten by the titanized Eldians.

When it was Grisha's turn to be pushed down the wall, Officer Klaus then realized who Grisha was. He told him that he was the one who fed his sister Fay to the dogs. He decided not to turn Grisha into to a titan but rather to be chased and eaten like what happened to Grise.

Just when Grisha was about to be pushed over the wall, someone pushed Klaus instead. It turns out, the Night Owl has successfully positioned himself to be part of the Marleyan government and saved Dr. Grisha Yeager just in time. Officer Kruger is The Owl.

He then slashed his hands and said, "Remember this well, Grisha. This is how you use a Titan's power." Officer Kruger then turned into the Rogue Titan.

Eren then wakes up from all these, it turns out he was just dreaming. However, he realized that they were memories from Grisha's past. And now that it has been clear to him that those were memories, he realized that the Smiling Titan who ate and killed his mother is no other than Dr. Grisha Yeager's first wife, Dina Fritz.

 "Attack On Titan" Chapter 88 Spoilers

 It is speculated that more about Grisha's source of power will be revealed perhaps Kruger has something to do with him being a Titan shifter. More flashbacks about the incidents following the death of Officer Klaus and Grisha's escape will be shown.

Furthermore, it is expected that Eren will soon face his half-brother Zeke. Now that he knows about Zeke ratting out to the Marleyan government, will a fight between them ensue or will Zeke switch back to the other side?

Fans will have to wait next month for the release of "Attack on Titan" chapter 88.

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