'House Of Cards' Season 5 Updates: Frank’s Rumored Death To Lead The Show Into Spinoff; Doug To Save Frank From Death?

There are a lot of rumors currently surrounding Netflix's hit political drama, "House of Cards." With the show heading towards its fifth season, talks are continuously pitching Frank Underwood's death. Theories are even suggesting that the first lady, Claire Underwood, and the president's confidant, Doug Stamper, will be the ones to deliver the death card in front of Frank.

Claire Kills Frank To Steal The Presidential Seat?

In the past four seasons of "House of Cards," thirst for power has been a huge driving force among characters. While Frank was clearly the main character who did everything to get the presidential seat, some fans might be unaware that Claire herself has long been hinting about her desire for power. It has been speculated that the first lady has been seeing herself "equal" with Frank. In fact, in the final episode of "House of Cards" season 4, Frank revealed his intention of retaining his position for another term with Claire under his command as his vice president.  

However, with previous reports swirling about another death happening in the fifth season, fans are fast to surmise that it will be Frank who is leaving in the upcoming season. When actor Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper) pointed out in a previous interview that the show will lose a main character, his statement sparked a lot of speculations that Frank is the one to go.

With the president's health deteriorating in the past seasons, with flames gone cold and Claire having extramarital relationships, these are being seen as clear indications that Claire has nothing to lose once Frank meets his demise. Speculations even suggest that Claire will benefit the most from Frank's supposed death.

These theories are said to lead "House of Cards" into its previously reported spinoff, "First Women." The plan of killing Frank is speculated to turn the spotlight to Claire as she steps up to becoming a lady president. This then leads Claire to the said spinoff where she would be the new ruler in a new political setup. As per reports, "First Women" will be starred, written, and produced by Wright alongside Reese Witherspoon.

Doug Stamper Might Come To Frank's Rescue

Going back to Frank's rumored demise, Doug Stamper, who has always been loyal to the president, is speculated to end his service in "House of Cards" season 5. Since Frank has given Stamper his supposed second life after his alcoholism troubles, he was seen more loyal to the president than ever. Recent theories have it that Kelly actually teased his character's death and not Frank's. The chief-of-staff is speculated to take the president's position in the hands of death which he had always been doing in the previous seasons most especially in season 4 where he even offered his liver to save Frank.

None of these theories were yet confirmed though as the plotline of "House of Cards" season 5 is kept well under wraps. Hence, the fate of hit political drama will be determined in its upcoming fifth season which is slated to premiere in 2017.

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