Top 5 Skyrim Special Edition Easter Eggs That Will Blow Your Mind

Skyrim Special Edition has a lot of good adventures to offer. But players are most likely to miss the exciting part of the game, which is the easter eggs. Players might have encountered such in the game while adventuring but it is most likely to get unnoticed. Today, players are keeping their eyes open as they might encounter an easter egg. 

Skryrim Special Edition Pac-Man Easter Egg

Players can find a Pac-Man easter egg in Skyrim Special Edition. It was an awesome easter egg as it really pictures out Pac-Man. The face of Pac-Man is going directly in a row of garlic, which are the points in the Pac-Man game. This Pac-Man easter egg can be found at Endon's house in Markarth. Fans really love seeing an easter egg that is based on famous old games and this one is definitely not the one to miss.

Skyrim Special Edition '300' Easter Egg

Fans of the movie "300" will surely know about this easter egg, which is the saber cat that is stuck between the rocks. There is also a glass sword in the head. It is a reference to the "300" scene where Leonidas puts the wolf in a passage just like in the game. He also stabbed a spear on the head of the wolf. Players can find the "300" easter egg in the west of Karthwasten and fans will definitely do not want to leave it unseen.

Skyrim Special Edition Frozen Mammoth Easter Egg

Fans are amazed while looking at the Frozen Mammoth easter egg in the Skyrim world. The frozen Mammoth is in a wall of ice. There is also a spear and arrow through the body of the Mammoth. This easter egg was a reference to the Mammoth, which was frozen and discovered in 1990s. Players can find the Frozen Mammoth in Frostflow Lighthouse.

Skyrim Special Edition Star Wars Easter Egg

A Star Wars fan playing Skyrim Special Edition will really love this Star Wars easter egg, which can be found by players at Bleakcoast Cave. Players can see the skeleton that was hanging upside down from a frozen ceiling. A sword can also be seen on the ground that came from the skeleton. This is a reference to the Movie "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" where Luke Skywalker got trapped by a Wampa. He also uses his force to reach the light saber, which could be what the skeleton was trying to do.

Skyrim Special Edition The Grim Reaper Easter Egg

Players can fight Grim Reaper in this easter egg. Players must head to the Soul Cairn, where they will find the Reaper's Lair. After placing the three reaper fragments to the altar, players must prepare themselves as they will battle The Grim Reaper. Fans will definitely enjoy the experience fighting Grim Reaper in Skyrim Special Edition.

Skyrim Special Edition can be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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