Babies Losing Weight After Being Born: Is Infant Weight Loss A Normal Happening?

After a mother gives birth to her child, how will the parents know if their child is gaining weight at a healthy rate? From the moment a new baby arrives, it seems that some of the most common questions asked by parents is about the weight of their child. Studies have revealed that a newborn's initial weight is often used as a marker of general health, so it makes sense that it is something everyone is monitoring.

Mom's Diet And Weight Creates Impact On Baby's Birth Weight

Eve Woman has recently reported a mother's situation after she gives birth. Henrietta, the mother, has allegedly had a newborn baby who initially weighed 3.6 kgs. It was found that when she took her baby to have his two-week clinic visit, he had apparently lost some grams and has weighed 3.2 kgs. The nurse told her that it's something that she should not be worried. However, the situation left Henrietta feeling worried that her baby might not be getting enough milk.

On the other hand, it was reported by What To Expect that there are indeed several factors that makes a newborn baby to weigh more or less. It was found that factors like the mom's diet and weight before and during pregnancy can really make an impact on the baby's weight. Say for example, if a mother is overweight, then it is to be expected that the baby has also a higher chance to be heavier, and vice versa. Furthermore, experts claim that certain factors like the mother's prenatal health, genetic component, the baby's gender, and the like should also be considered.

Growth Spurt At Specific Timelines Can Affect Baby Weight

Additionally, experts suggest that a lot of babies go through a growth spurt at seven to ten days old, and then again at three weeks and six weeks of age. Thus, it could actually then be considered as something; which is not very alarming. Breastfeeding, as what doctors usually recommend, can still play a vital role on the baby's weight.

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