Lose Weight Without Exercise: Australian Sisters Give Away Shocking Trick

Losing weight is a kind of hard thing to many people and exercise is one of the best ways to reduce weight. However, there are so many people who don't have time to do exercise. Perhaps, due to work or school which hinders them to do so or maybe they have a physical disability and yet they are still concern about their physical attributes. In Australia, there are two obese sisters who have incredibly lost weight without exercise and they shared their shocking trick on losing weight.

Anastasia and Anabelle Chiarello, 24 and 16 years old are sisters who are from Monterey, NSW and both are morbidly obese since birth. They both grew up with pasta, bread and chocolates causing them to inflate that big and weigh that heavy. These teenage girls were wearing 7XL and Anastasia squeezing her into a size 26.

Anabelle, at the age of 13, she reached 248kg and the doctor warned her about the need for her to lose weight or else, she will suffer the consequences of her body state. The doctor recommended her to undergo a surgery but she was scared at that time. Her sister Anastasia then underwent the procedure October last year and is weighing 165KG before the operation.

They even admitted that before, they were bullied because of their size, so, when the surgeon suggested the procedure and lose weight without exercise, they knew that it is the only way they can have to get all of those flabs removed. Anabelle's surgery cost AU$10,000 ($7,577) and it was paid by their mother while Anastasia did pay for her own, News.com.au reported.

On their slimming mission, both sisters dropped their pasta dinners instead they started eating healthier salads and wraps. They said that it was tough at first but since they are both suffering the same diet, they made it possible. Both even tried missing meals and eating a small amount of food. Going to gyms was one of the other things that they do.

Today, the sisters both lost weights and still shrinking. They both lost a combined 167kg, both are still shrinking in size up to now. Both are removing all chubbiness for good inspiring other people, according to Daily Mail. The two Australian sisters might have suffered the consequences if they did not undergo the surgery which made them lose weight without exercise.

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