Discovery Of Strange Shadow On Mercury: Can This Be The Alien Portal To Another Dimension?

Alien hunters have recently found a probable cause to believe that aliens really do exist. The discovery of a strange shadow on planet Mercury which is caused by a large structure is now described as the passageway that is about 3 miles long. Reports have been revealed that the image was first spotted last 2012 by Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily.

Another Conspiracy Theory?

According to reports stated by Daily Mail, after a YouTube video by Secureforce10 has leaked online, speculations about the black rectangular 'structure' in a NASA photo of the Mercury surface were then believed by conspiracy theorists as passageway to other dimensions of some kind. However, a new video from alien-hunter Tyler Glockner suggests that it may not be a doorway but rather a humongous rectangular monolith.

In one of his statements reported by Headlines & Global News, Glockner claims that it was due to the sun's angle that casts a shadow on the northern walls of the craters which apparently proves that the black rectangle is merely a shadow made by a standing structure. Additionally, he explains how shadows work and how natural formations react to the sunlight. He highly emphasized that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the smallest of the eight planets which basically indicates a big possibility of this idea from happening.

Experts Believe Video Proof Shows The Existence Of Aliens

On the other hand, Scott C Waring firmly believes that the aliens and UFO have lived in the underworld for so long, which is why he said that humas have failed to catch them live. Furthermore, many of those who have seen the video are really convinced that the video is an just one of the many undeniable proofs of alien's existence.

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