One Direction Members Reconnecting With Zayn Malik; New Songs, Movies And TV Shows Are Being Discussed

One Direction members were reportedly reaching out to their former band mate, Zayn Malik. As per reports, there were a lot of discussions on some future projects including new songs, movies and a possible TV show.

Where Is Harry Styles?

There are a lot of speculations surrounding Harry Styles. First, is his relationship with his girlfriend who didn't disclose anything yet. Second, rumors about him being the Mick Jagger of the band. Harry Styles maybe the busiest member of One Direction right now, excluding Zayn Malik. As noted, he is working on a future project in which he will portray Rolling stones own, the legendary, Mick Jagger. There are no reports yet on whether or not Harry and Zayn are on speaking terms.

Liam Payne Getting Ready For Parenthood

Although his partner never admitted it yet that she is pregnant, Liam Payne is already keeping himself busy prior to becoming a daddy. Cheryl Cole is trying to keep the pregnancy topic as private as possible but she's not successful with it. On a recent report, Cheryl attended a party and the baby bumps is already visible. She is still drop dead gorgeous but the evidence is visible already. LIam Payne then posted a picture of a banner that says "privacy needed for the family", which was deleted after a few minutes.

Louis Tomlinson And Niall Horan Debuting Their Solo Albums

Louis Tomlinson debut single is still being talked about while Niall Horan is very happy with his single ‘This Town'. It was a huge hit for him already and they might be following it up with yet another album. When asked about the band's status and why they are still on hiatus, he answered the question politically. There were no direct answers from him but hoping that the band will have one last dance.

Zayn Malik Is The Most Successful Member Of One Direction

Zayn Malik will forever be known as the culprit on why One Direction was left with four members. However, it was also his rebirth as he was able to do his own musical style and was very successful at it. Zayn Malik is currently working on a TV series based on his life. The series is being co-produced by Dick Wolf.

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