OnePlus 4 vs Galaxy Note 8 : Which Of These Smartphones Will Be The Greatest Mobile Device In 2017?

Galaxy Note
The big issue about the OnePlus 4 is that its previous model was so great that many think that it would be difficult to excel it.
Samsung is betting everything on the Galaxy Note 8. Photo : Youtube/Pratiek Malhotra

Next year, the smartphone world will be a great competition for many of these mobile devices, specially the OnePlus 4 and the Galaxy Note 8, which represents the biggest bets for OnePlus and Samsung in its intentions to conquer the market. Although there isn´t many information about these two products, there have been rumors regarding many features that both phones have, so here´s a little comparison about what it has been said so far

OnePlus 4 vs Galaxy Note 8: Design

Although OnePlus has been characterized as being an incredible smartphone that could offer almost the same as every other from the giant brands, this is a feature in which this company would probably can´t compete against the Galaxy Note 8, considering that the chances of not seeing major chances in the OnePlus 4, comparing it with its previous model, are extremely high.

Although many are expecting this phone to be greater than the OnePlus 3, it is possible that even when it could excel it in many features, the design would be the same. This is probably the only detail in which this outstanding smartphone would fail to its fans, considering that a change of aesthetic is always important in the new flagships.

By its part, it has been reported that although the Galaxy Note 8 design could also be similar to its previous model, Samsung might be trying to turn this mobile device as the first flexible smartphone ever, which would become the Note 8 in an artistic product that would surprise even the more skeptics.

OnePlus 4 vs Galaxy Note 8: Battery

One of the best features of the OnePlus 3 was its battery life, considering that thanks to the Dash Charge tech that it was employed on it, this mobile device offered to its users a full day with moderate usage of durability, being able to charge extremely fast. However, there have been rumors that the OnePlus 4 could have a 4000mAh battery, which would make this smartphone an incredible device that can be used for a long period of time without getting worried for its energy.

By other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have an incredible battery life, considering that Samsun´s phones has always characterized for being extremely great in this particular feature. However, it has been rumored that this new flagship would surprise everyone and excel the 3000mAh pack, getting to a 4500mAh, which could mean that the battery will never be an issue with this smartphone.

OnePlus 4 vs Galaxy Note 8: Display

Just as the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 3, it has been rumored that the next flagship could sport a 5.5-inch 1090x1920 display, with the little difference that the OnePlus 4 betting a lot in improving Virtual Reality capabilities, so the smartphone will now push the resolution up to 1440 x 2560.

Apparently, Samsung is also betting a lot in the phone´s display, so it has been rumored that the Galaxy Note 8 could sport an incredible 6.2-inch screen size, with a bezel-less design that provides the smartphone a 90-percent screen-to-body. In addition to this edge-to-edge display, the most incredible rumor about the Galaxy Note 8 is that this mobile device would probably feature 4K resolution, the ultra-high definition visual technology that other great products as the PS4 Pro are having.

OnePlus 4 vs Galaxy Note 8: Camera

It has been recently rumored that the OnePlus 4 will have an incredible dual-camera sensor setup that could feature "AR/MR", which might mean Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. This camera is expected to be way better than the previous models, which could represent a great news for OnePlus fans.

Samsung also doesn't have anything confirmed in this feature, but there have been rumors that the Galaxy Note 8 could also have a greater camera than the previous flagships including Note7. This obviously means that the South Korean company is definitely betting a lot in this smartphone, considering that its mobile devices have always have great cameras. Apparently, we will see a dual-camera setup for both the front and rear-facing lenses, with a 30-megapixel snapper.

OnePlus 4 vs Galaxy Note 8: Other Features

Apparently, the OnePlus 4 could be equipped with a Qualcomm´s Snapdragon 835 chipset, the RAM could be 6GB or 8GB depending on the processor, and the onboard storage would be a hefty 128GB. The Galaxy Note 8 could be equipped with an artificial intelligence assistant, and could increase the Note 7 storage capability, which would mean excellent for users.

Although the Galaxy Note 8 could be a much more powerful smartphone than the OnePlus 4, this mobile devices has many chances to beat Samsung´s flagship, considering that the company has gain users loyalty thanks to the previous models, and it hasn't suffered catastrophic events as the Note 7 disaster, which has damaged the South Korean giant reputation. However, many wants to give Samsung a second chance, and this new flagship could be a perfect redemption.

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