Ferrari May Finally Consider Racing With An Electric Car

Ferrari May Finally Consider Racing With An Electric Car
For years, Italian luxury car manufacturer Ferrari has been very competitive in the Formula Car series. With advancements in electric car technology in the racing world, they might produce their own Formula E car. Photo : Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

The Formula E Championship is an auto racing class that only uses electric powered cars. The championship series started in 2014 and had competitors coming from teams such as Renault and McLaren; however, there was no Ferrari among the competing teams. There is no official announcement yet coming from the Italian supercar manufacturer but they might already be looking into it. The Italian manufacturer has not manufactured any electric car but might be considering creating one specifically to race.


Ferrari Requests Changes In Racing Regulations

CEO Sergio Marchionne said that some regulations might need to change before they starting building their own Formula E car. The CEO mentioned that they do not like the idea of switching cars in the middle of the race. This is normally done in the Formula E championship due to the batteries incapability to finish the whole distance. Ferrari also wants to change the standards of the participating cars. Currently. All cars are using the same chassis that the Spark Renault team has been using. This has been a mandate ever since the first season of the championships. Ferrari wants to be able to create and use their own chassis if they are to enter the race.

The Leader Of The Pack

Ferrari is well known as one of the toughest competitors in the world of Formula racing. However, Marchionne said that Ferrari will most likely not compete with a race that has the current Formula E standards and that switching cars in between is something that Ferrari would not gravitate to. Aside from Ferrari, other car manufacturers such Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Benz have also expressed their interest in the formula series. However, each of these manufacturers may also have requests that can lead the Formula E championships to slightly change their standards.

The reason for the Formula E to mandate the use of the same chassis is to keep a level playing field, keep costs to a minimum and to allow the teams to focus on the development of their electric motors instead. Ferrari, however, might not really care about the standards of the championship series because unlike others, the Italian brand does not really have any future plans in building mass-produced electric cars, yet.

Ferrari Wants To Remain Exclusive

Ferrari, although expressing interest in the Formula E series, still want to be known as the luxurious and exclusive exotic car that it has always been. Unlike other car brands that are gearing into making mass-production EVs, Ferrari wants to stay the same with its petrol-powered V-engines. The company is only having plans in building hybrid gasoline-electric engines and has never shown interest in pure electric cars. The proud Italian brand might once again win races once the Formula E championship complies with their requests.

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