Pokemon Go News: Pre-Thanksgiving Event Forecasted

Congratulations to anyone who has reached this post. It means you are still playing Pokemon Go and still want to be the very best. Despite the game getting older, in terms of phone apps - things these days age really fast, you still enjoy the game. Good for you since, there is a forecasted event just right before the main Thanksgiving event in Pokemon Go.

According to Slash Gear, the next event will take place over the weekend and will end by Nov.23, which is before Thanksgiving. The report also says that the pre-Thanksgiving event will be happening in Japan, particularly in 3 different areas. So prepare those battery packs, water bottles (do not litter), and other stuff you need to bring for an exciting event and catch them all.

If you're not from Japan, there's still good news for you as the US event will start commencing on Nov.24, just in time for Thanksgiving. Since the Japan even starts and ends before Thanksgiving, the tip about the next Pokemon event will surely happen as the people and systems handling the events would be focused per event session.

Other expected worldwide mini-events around the world

If the patterns hold true, and the mini-events go on, then this is good news for all players all around the world. Observing short spawn spikes like the Lapras event after Halloween would lead to the reasoning that Niantic is testing mini-events and applying them gradually in each continent. Thus, this would be like mimicking a world tour if they were in a band.

In keeping the peace

Aside from the good news and goodwill Niantic is trying to spread, events like these also bring potential chaos to its players and the area they hold the event. Imagine rare Pokemon spawning like crazy, it would make the players over-excited and rowdy and the worst part would be having them destroy public property. So as contribution to keeping the peace and staying safe, it is important that all Pokemon trainers behave at their best when participating at Pokemon Go events.

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