PlayStation 4 Pro V4.05 Firmware Causing Glitches In 4K Television; Here Are Some Tips To Solve Glitch

PlayStation 4 Pro users are experiencing glitches when the console is connected to the 4K television. Investigations revealed that the PS4 Pro V4.05 firmware update is causing the glitch.

No TV Signal After V4.05 Firmware Update?

Reddit user Bravo514 posted that his new PlayStation 4 Pro was working fine with a video output resolution of 2160p. However, the TV signal was lost after he updated the PS4 Pro firmware to 4.05. Various new PS4 Pro users are reporting the same thing but it seems the problem is hitting mostly older units of TV Brands Hisense and LG as well as Vizio.

Suggested Temporary Fix And Workarounds

Some Reddit users have listed a number of fixes but this may only be temporary and may not work on all affected television sets.

First, turn the console off and plug the HDMI cable in the 4K television's 60Hz port. Switch the TV on and hold the power button of the console and wait for it to beep twice. This will put the PS4 Pro in safe mode. Put HDCP in 1.4 setting only and restart the Pro console.

If nothing happens, restart until the PS4 Pro is in safe mode but now change resolution in which to restart the console with. If PS4 Pro restarts with an image, select yuv420 option and the problem is fixed, hopefully.

If there is still no signal, return the PS4 Pro to Safe mode. Go to the HDCP menu and select automatic. Return to safe mode one more time and go to the change resolution menu to select yuv420. The process may need to be repeated several times in order to take effect.

Conclusion: Who Is At Fault?

It seems the affected TV brands will need a firmware update of their own in order to work with Sony's latest PlayStation 4 Pro. However the console maker's latest firmware apparently caused the glitch and should issue another patch to correct it.

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