The iPhone 7 Plus: Is It Just Better To Wait For The iPhone 8?

The iPhone 7 Plus: Is It Just Better To Wait For The iPhone 8?
The iPhone 7 Plus is a controversial handset, with many arguing that it would be smarter to wait for the inevitable iPhone 8. And yet others have applauded the device for its innovations. Photo : TechTurk/YouTube

When Apple announced their higher-end flagship, the iPhone 7 Plus, the general public was divided. Those who wanted to make fun of the device were definitely louder - memes were generated, mock videos were filmed and Twitter posts went viral. And yet, there are still so many that have decided to jump on the wagon and take their chance on the new device.

TechnoBuffalo listed down very specific reasons why no one should splurge on the iPhone 7 Plus. The publication went on to point out that the missing 3.5mm headphone jack is the biggest reason why the public should steer clear of the device. It even goes on to make a sarcastic remark about how Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, reasoned courage for removing the standard port.

Granted, using the same port for charging and audio listening does present some very important issues. Users who, for instance, spend hours listening to music or watching movies and videos can no longer do so with the same amount of ease and efficiency - without buying an additional dongle. Furthermore, various other accessories rely on the 3.5mm audio jack, such as third-party headset manufacturers and various AUX connections.

The other reasons are that Apple's prodigal jetblack option, which was not available in the direct predecessors of the iPhone 7 Plus, scratches easily. Yet another reason is that Apple did not present a wireless charging feature - which would have obviously been a plus considering the first point. But there is not much else after that.

Meanwhile, Forbes provides reasons as to why the iPhone 7 Plus would be a good investment. The new Apple flagship has an increased battery size, which the company boasts adds two hours more use. The publication goes on to argue that the Plus variants in the Cupertino roster have been one of the best in the industry and that it is actually the smaller option that has been lacking.

Another major improvement that is evident in the iPhone 7 Plus is its water resistancy. For years, the public have complained about how fragile Apple devices have been against water. And the new offering from the company has an IP67 rating, which means that the unit can be stand to be under one meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The camera is, as well, one of the best selling points for the iPhone 7 Plus. The new dual lens camera technology definitely delivers on the company's promise of sharper and more vivid colors. Compared to its predecessors and its competition, the 7 Plus knocks it out of the park in this regard.

But do these reasons mean that people should purchase the iPhone 7 Plus now, or should they wait for the iPhone 8, which is expected to be Apple's best one yet? When it comes down to it, the current offering from Apple is a great device. Sure, it does not have the level of innovations that might have been expected, but that does not mean that the handheld is something to pass on either.

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