Call Of Duty Update: 3 Things To Expect From Lethal Combat Gameplay In 2017

Call of Duty game in 2017 has started the rumor mill and apparently, Sledgehammer has decided to call it Lethal Combat. COD points have already been added to Black Ops 3 post-launch. In addition, Infinite Warfare may also receive the purchasable COD points to acquire new items in-game.

The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike reportedly delayed development for some games due to increased tensions between the developers and the voice actors. However, it was reportedly due to the strike that Telltale Games' upcoming Marvel project was revealed. In addition, the next Call of Duty Game from Sledgehammer Games was also said to be revealed due to the strike.

The strike reportedly listed ongoing projects' game titles for 2017. Included was Call of Duty: Lethal Combat also referred to as Call of Duty: Stronghold. Hence, Sledgehammer is believed to have doubts on the Lethal Combat title. Stronghold is said to come across as a working title Lethal Combat is a more finalized game.

Rumor has it that Call of Duty: Lethal Combat will be set in the Vietnam War. This is said to be due to the negative impact with the sci-fi setting in Infinite Warfare and the better reception for the World War I battles on Battlefield 1. Additionally, Lethal Combat may include a strong female character to the COD games. Lethal Combat is rumored to release in November 2017.

Meanwhile, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is said to be getting more in microtransactions specifically CODPoints. This is reportedly sourced from a listing on found on the PlayStation Store. On the other hand, the debut trailer of Infinite Warfare reportedly amassed numerous haters due to the futuristic setting.

Call of Duty COD Points are yet to be confirmed by Activision and Infinity Ward. Rumor has it that the developers have been working more on Black Ops 3 and their new game instead. Post-launch, Black Ops 3 received paid CODPoints microtransactions. CODPoints purchased could be used to spend on new weapons, taunts and cosmetics like camouflage skins for weapons. Watch: What is CALL OF DUTY: STRONGHOLD & LETHAL COMBAT?

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