Microsoft Xbox Scorpio News: 4K Gaming Waste Of Resources? 280 Xbox 360 Games Confirmed for Xbox One; 'Red Dead Redemption' Included

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio's computing power for 4K gaming is a waste of resources. This is according to DOOM's lead renderer programmer, further noting that the available power must be used for 1080p gaming instead.

After the announcement of Microsoft Xbox Scorpio, the tech company reportedly made an assurance on its commitment to deliver true native 4K gaming with no compromises. Given its 6 teraflops of computing power, including 320GB of memory bandwidth, Xbox head Phil Spencer boasted of the project as the most powerful game console ever developed. Although the company's focus is true 4K gaming, developers also have a say on how the power within the console will be used.

However, the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio head also believes that not every developer is going to utilize the power the same way, and that some developers may also take the 6TFLOPs and run 4K per 60fps with it. He also added that while developers may decide for the game and engine the way they want, Microsoft's goal is to develop a box that provides true 4K games with the same level of fidelity that is seen on the current Xbox One games.

However, according to its Software lead renderer Tiago Sousa, the Xbox Scorpio is still a console, and  that although capable of rendering in native 4K, using 6 teraflops to achieve the 4K is a waste, since computing power must be for higher fidelity gaming at 1080p.

Meanwhile, six additional Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games have been confirmed and released by Microsoft. In addition, the company also announced of launching more than 100 titles, including 170 more last year.

Xbox One users can now play over 280 Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, including Red Dead Redemption. Although the tech company has already made good on showcasing some most-requested games, other big titles may likely be in the works and be made backwards.  Watch Native 4K Gaming With Xbox Scorpio

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