Microsoft Project Scorpio Bridging Gap Between PC, Console Games?

Microsoft Project Scorpio is said to bring PC-like gaming to home gaming consoles. Sony recently released the 4K HDR-ready PlayStation 4 Pro this year with graphics that are said to be close to PC games in comparison. However, Microsoft is expected to do more than just 4K Gaming support with their upcoming console.

Recent reports claim that the Microsoft Project Scorpio will be more than just an Xbox One upgrade. In fact, it is slated to be the most powerful console ever as it was announced in the E3 event this year. In addition, Scorpio development kits have reportedly been sent out to publishers and developers.

If true, some game titles reserved for Microsoft Project Scorpio may have already been leaked on the Xbox One and on the Xbox One S. On that note, Gears of War 4 is said to be currently running on native 4K for the Xbox Scorpio. Additionally, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon 3 is also expected to don graphical improvements in 4K.

Microsoft Project Scorpio is slated to roll out around the second half of next year. Scorpio is also rumored to bridge the gap between consoles and PC as Mike Ybarra of Microsoft reportedly noted about UWP Appx games used with Steam titles. UWP is said to have a huge advantage over the typical Win32 games. DX12 technology is also rumored for Scorpio.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Executive Aaron Greenberg was reportedly noted as saying that the Microsoft Project Scorpio will deliver true 4K. Apparently, 4K gaming as it is seen now is said to be still at an experimental level. On the other hand, Scorpio is said to come out with graphical fidelity as never seen before on a console.

Microsoft Project Scorpio is also said to be a premium device but may not be priced higher than $400 as the Pro is priced at that and may issue a price markdown next year as Scorpio will be released. Microsoft reportedly revealed that there will not be any Scorpio-exclusive games. However, a high-end PC gaming experience and native 4K rendering will be ensured for all first-party games that will be launched in the Scorpio time frame. Watch: Xbox Scorpio NEW DETAILS! Outselling PS4 + No VR at Launch? - The Know Game News

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