PS4 Pro Not Too Powerful? 2 Reasons Why It's Better To Stick With PS4

PS4 Pro released just a couple of days ago and already reviews claim that the Pro buy is not a necessity. Previously, it has been noted that 4K TVs are required to get the most of the Pro. However, TV Connection failures have notably been a problem by Pro users.

First of all, the PS4 Pro HDR setting is reportedly not set on default on some 4K TVs. Apparently, the PSVR system on the Pro does not support High Dynamic Range signals as it should. Pro owners reportedly end up with blank screens rather than 4K HDR images.

Apparently, TV models such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips and Vizio that comes with an AV receiver and sound bar work in contrast with the PS4 Pro. Moreover, the Pro is said to be incorrectly recognising the TV models as 4K-incapable. Hence, the Pro and the 4K TV can only produce 2K HDR signals.

It should be noted that these issues persist even with TVs that can handle Ultra HD Blu-rays in 4K HDR with no notable issues. Moreover, compatibility issues also reportedly vary between TV models. For instance, the PS4 Pro may work on one LG OLED65E6 and not on another of the same brand and model.

Meanwhile, some reviews that have successfully played 4K games on the PS4 Pro notes that the Pro does make a difference to PSVR games. However, the true potential of 4K games is yet to be seen as the Pro's graphics is said to be a subtle form of 4K gaming. More game titles with Pro-native features are slated to be released soon.

PS4 Pro users reportedly noted even the most delicate improvements the Pro has to graphical fidelity. The pro is also said to boost the frame rate or resolution trade off in the PSVR slightly. This is said to improve both image and movement quality. Watch: PS4 Pro 4K Not Working

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