Jaguar Just Revealed I-Pace: How Does It Compare To Tesla’s Model X

By Jeff Roxas , Nov 15, 2016 06:30 PM EST

British luxury carmaker, Jaguar, just announced their new concept electric vehicle today in Hollywood. The concept car is named I-Pace and it will take on the form of an SUV. Jaguar is also famous for the Land Rover.

Jaguar Introduces Its First Electric Car In 3D

As Jaguar moves forward into the future, there can be no other way to introduce their concept car than in a futuristic manner, in 3d virtual reality. The car was unveiled floating in space as two continents simultaneously watch it in 3D, according to Usatoday. A select group of journalists have been invited for the unveiling in a sound stage and then guided to tables and asked to put on VR viewers and headsets. The journalists were awe-struck as the cars appeared in a presentation never before seen in a car unveiling.

The Model X Competition

Tesla's Model X, one of the first crossover electric vehicles, may be meeting its match once the I-Pace is released in the market. The Model X may have a zero to 60 miles quicker acceleration in just under 2.9 seconds compared to the I-Pace's four seconds, but speed is not something that consumers are really worried about. But just in case you are into power, take note that the Model X only has 259 horsepower compared to Jaguars 400 horses.

The I-Pace will also be capable of having a range of 310 miles on a single charge. The Model X is only capable of a 289-mile range on a single charge. The battery capacity is a major concern, not only with these two cars but also on all electric vehicles, and Jaguar has a clear win in this category. The price have not been revealed yet, but consumers can rest assure that they will still get the best quality that show authentic Jaguar DNA.


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