'Suits' Season 6 Updates: Second Half Of The Series To Feature Major Conflict In The Firm; Creator Teases Upcoming Surprise

"Suits" season six is currently on break and will return by next year to be filled with unexpected surprises, as teased by the series creator. There may also be a conflict to occur between Harvey and Louis in the absence of Jessica.

Will "Suits" End At Season 6 Due To Gina Torres's Departure? Or At Season 7 Instead?

There are many factors adding to the speculations that "Suits" is already up for cancellation, one of which is actress Gina Torres's confirmed exit from the show. Add to that the current hiatus of the show, many have definitely speculated that they will no longer be renewed for season seven. Thus, the fans are worried that the show will finally see its end. However, it doesn't seem to be so.

Although "Suits" will still see the light of day in season seven, series creator Aaron Korsh may have hinted that it would already be enough for the show. It has also been speculated that the next season will have lesser episodes, although they will still be able to conclude the series the way that they have intended. Nonetheless, there is still so much to look forward to in the second part of season six that will return by January next year.

New Character To Be Joining The Firm When "Suits" Season 6 Returns After Hiatus

Since Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is already confirmed to be leaving the show, Harvey and Louis will need to take over the firm at their own risk. Despite not being in good terms with each other, they will have to come to terms to run the firm well. Aaron Korsh also teased a conflict that will arise in the upcoming second part of "Suits" season six, a new character will be coming into their lives to help the Donna in helping the duo solve what is needed to be solved. There are still a lot of things and cases in store for the characters as the series progresses, thus ending it at this moment would highly be unlikely.

"Suits" season six part two will return on January 25, 2017.

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