Which Is Which? More Than Just Being Bug-Eyed Creatures, Are Aliens That Come To Earth More Likely To Be Robots?

A veteran alien enthusiast have recently claimed that extraterrestrial beings are more likely to be mechanized than being biological creatures. In one of his interviews stated by Aktualne, Alien hunter Seth Shostak said that any kind of extraterrestrial civilizations that is found to be intelligent enough to make contact with earth will probably have turned themselves into mechanized creatures that has the ability to combat certain issues like disease and hunger.

Robotic Extraterrestrial Life Forms

According to The Sun, Shostak have highly emphasized the fact that the way to humanity has advanced from the invention of the radio at around the turn of the last century to now, where computers are being developed that can outsmart people. In a space conference held in San Francisco, he has further explained that the same thing will happen to HUMANS in the next few hundred years.

Experts also believe that it is not impossible that scientists will soon be able to create human life in machine form. Furthermore, it was said that his proposed findings suggest that alien lifeforms getting in touch with Earth would most likely be machines since they are known as creatures who are not in need of food or other chemicals in order to survive long journeys across space.

Alien Megastructure Real?

On the other hand, a group of scientists is said to be in a state of fear for a mysterious star showing off some signs of being hijacked by a race of extra terrestrial lifeforms that could possibly harness the object's energy to a point of having contact to Earth.

It was revealed that through this exploration of the possibilities, serious questions are now being posed which has actually paved the way about the discovery of the light pattern being caused by an "alien megastructure".

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