Overwatch Update: Sombra And Arcade Mode Goes Live; All Hero Balances You Need To Know

Overwatch finally released its largest patch yet that entails a lot of new features, bug fixes, contents, as well as hero balancing. Today, we'll be talking some of the most crucial changes in the game and how it can affect your gameplay as a whole.

Patch Highlights

Overwatch New Hero: Sombra

Sombra, the most anticipated hero in Overwatch and has been the center of talks for numerous ARGs in the past is now officially live. We've already compiled all of the heroe's abilities and how you can easily climb into the competitive ladder with its amazing skills. Check it out here.

Overwatch New Feature: Arcade

Check out the newest feature in the game, The Arcade which has 6 game modes in total. We also made a complete overview about the new feature as well as its advantages in the community. You can check our Arcade mode overview here.

Overwatch New Map: Antarctica

This map is in conjunction to the new modes in the Arcade namely 1v1 Duel and 3v3 Battle. A small fan trivia: it is where Mei cryogenically freezes herself together with her team in order to survive a great storm in the past. One thing you will notice on the new map is that, it's a bit smaller than the traditional maps in Quick Play.

Overwatch Competitive Play: Season 3

If you missed the changes in the upcoming Season 3, check out our article that explains all of the changes that Blizzard has incorporated on both of its competitive seasons and off-seasons which will start this coming November 23.

Hero Balance Changes

General changes
Dealing damage aside from your hero (i.e. Symmetra's teleporter, Torbjorn's turrent) no longer generates charge for your ultimates.
All hero ultimates now requires 25% more to charge and recharge

Nano Boost no longer provides Movement Speed increase
Mech health increase to 200 (up from 100)
Movement Speed while firing now increased by 25%;
Ultimate cost is decreased by 20%. (still applies on the general changes. Instead of 25% more charge, D.Va is only affected by 5% increase in charge and recharge)
Amp it Up healing per second reduced to 10%
Blizzard cost has been additionally increased by 15%
Passive health regeneration is now activated upon avoiding damage after 1 second (formerly 3 seconds)
Rocket Launcher minimum explosion damage increased to 13%
Rocket Launcher explosion knockback reduced to 0%
Jump Jets lift increased by 35%
Soldier 76
Pulse Rifle's bullet damage increased to 20 (up from 17)
Max bullet spread increased to 2.4 (up from 2.2)
Scrap is now automatically generated over time
Scrap collected from enemies reduced by 40%
Forge Hammer swing speed increased by 25%
Forge Hammer damage decreased by 27%
Venom Mine's explosion no longer damages the player that who placed the mine
Widow's Kiss charge rate increased by 20%
Particle Barrier - power gained from barriers reduced by 20%
Projected Barrier - power gained from barriers reduced by 20%


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