Overwatch Free Weekend: How To Play Blizzard's Hit FPS Multiplayer on PS4, Xbox One, PC; Sombra To Appear?

Overwatch fans, great news! You need to free up your schedules this weekend as your favorite team multiplayer game is confirmed to be free-to-play! And when we mean this weekend, you can play Overwatch for free starting Nov. 18 at 11AM PT until Nov. 21 at 4PM PT with your PS4, Xbox One, or PC. So to those who are planning to try Blizzard's popular First-person shooter video game, start saying "no" to your Saturday and Sunday invites.

Overwatch Sombra To Be Included on Free Weekend?

For veteran Overwatch players, we all know how excited we are with the latest Overwatch update where Sombra went live earlier today. And good news, our favorite hacker hero is confirmed to be included in the upcoming Overwatch free weekend. This is the part where you plan on which snacks you are going to panic buy tonight.

To those who ready for Overwatch Free to Play this weekend, you will get the chance to play Overwatch Quick Play, its Custom Games, and Overwatch Weekly Brawl on all the 13 maps with the 22-hero roster. Additionally, you'll also be able to earn loot, unlock items and even level up. But of course, you need to get Overwatch with the same Battle.net, PSN, or Xbox Live account.

Overwatch download size is estimated to be 12GB for this free weekend's client. While Overwatch Achievements and the Trophies are going to be disabled for this weekend's players, progression will be carried over so it's still a "yehey" thing.

How To Play Overwatch Free Weekend on PS4

First, go to the PlayStation Store and search for "Overwatch". Then choose "Overwatch Free Weekend" from the results and click on "Download". Once it has been downloaded and installed, click on "Start" to begin the fun.

How To Play Overwatch Free Weekend on Xbox One

Log in to your Xbox Live account and then go to Xbox One Store. Search for "Overwatch" and choose "Overwatch: Origins Edition" from the results. Click on "Free Trial". Once it has been downloaded and installed, click on "Launch" to start the excitement.

How To Play Overwatch Free Weekend on PC

Download and install Battle.net desktop (only for those who haven't yet). Launch the app and create a free Battle.net account or for those who have already, just log in with your existing account. Click "Overwatch" on the left-hand part of Battle.net desktop app and select your region from the drop-down. Click on "Install" and once it has finished, click "Play" to start rioting.

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