‘Eichenwald’ Map For ‘Overwatch’ Skewed Slightly Favoring Defenders

The latest map for Overwatch, 'Eichenwald' is now out live for public test servers. The Econo Times has reported that players can now appreciate and be awed at the beautiful German countryside and at the same time killing opponents, of course, and transporting precious payloads. The defending team has been observed to get back in action more quicker due to the positioning of spawn points. The attackers on the other hand have to go through a long trek before engaging into battle.

Cool, when is it out?

The map is reportedly set to have an official release on September, as stated by Gamespot. PC players, on the other hand, can now test the waters and give the new map a try. This is done because Blizzard wants to have test footage and feedback before the official release. This is a good strategy for the studio as they can have early data and at the same time, Overwatch fanatics get to test ahead of time, a win-win situation.

How to acquire the early version?

Econo Times reports that the early map is only available specifically on the Overwatch 'Public Test Realm' for now. For those who don't have this map yet or the PTR update released by Blizzard last week, you can change your region to PTR: Overwatch and that should be it.

The map consists of beautifully designed corridors of accurately scaled space and initial feedback says they are quite tight. This would force opposing teams to a series of desperate and fast-paced battles which would end as soon as it starts.

Kotaku also has reported that the system results in a slightly biased gameplay, giving the upper hand to the defending team. As stated above, the defenders spawn closer to the battlegrounds making them arrive more quickly. On the other side, attackers will need to travel some lengths after re-spawning to get back into action, losing them a few precious seconds.

Check out this cool video below:

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