World of Warcraft News: Guild Got Banned For An Unfixed Mythic Odyn Raid; Is It Reasonable?

A recent thread from Reddit shows a guild clearing World of Warcraft Mythic Odyn Raid through the use of a specific bug which Blizzard has yet to fix despite being reported way back in the early beta phase of the dungeon. Now, the players who participated in the raid faced a temporary ban (which the duration wasn't specified) for exploiting the game. Some players are now questioning as to why Blizzard did not make any move to fix the bug in the first place - which leads to a bigger problem specially for those that are planning to clear the dungeon without the use of any exploits or bug abuse.

World of Warcraft Mythic Odyn Bug

The bug in Mythic Odyn run can be performed after pulling Odyn and getting your entire raid wiped for a couple of times (no exact amount stated). After deliberately wiping the entire raid for at least 3-4 times, the whole Odyn fight will then bugged which will result in the main boss including its two adds (Hyrja and Hymdall) to do nothing aside from basic autoattacks. In short, the whole World of Warcraft game mechanics for the mythic run is removed and all that's left is for you to kill all Odyn.

Now, a lot of pugs and guilds are already exploiting the bug and the first reported ban from Blizzard is the guild Unity. You can see their entire Mythic Odyn run here which shows how easily the raid goes. On a Reddit post, it was stated that after the run, all of the 20+ World of Warcraft players got banned by Blizzard. Now, it may sound right as they deliberately exploited the game to some extent but the fact that this bug has existed since its beta stage and has yet to be fixed is quite baffling from the community's perspectives.

Problem That Arised from World of Warcraft Mythic Odyn Exploit

One of the World of Warcraft problems that begets from the exploit is the fact that it will lead to numerous bans from unknowing players which was assembled from their guild leaders or were just forced to do so (since it can easily be cleared without any tactics, whatsoever). Also, wouldn't it be on Blizzard's end to fix any notable bugs which was reported during beta? After all, beta is there to prevent any bugs to reach in the live version of the game.

Now, despite knowing the bug for a considerable amount of time now, Blizzard should've taken immediate steps to prevent such exploitation in the first place. So from the community's point-of-view, is the banning of all players, guilds and pugs that have exploited the run be reasonable? How will Blizzard properly address this issue? Stay tuned for more World of Warcraft news!

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