MacBook Pro News: Dongles, Arc Hub, Line Dock And Other Solutions To MacBook Port Problems

Apple created some controversy with its new MacBook Pro. The issue stems from the missing traditional ports among other things.

An Apple executive has gone on record to defend these moves and indicate that he believes the current criticism does not reflect everyone's opinions. To be fair, Apple is just continuing in its goal of creating something new. Plus, there are still ways that MacBook Pro users can still use the traditional ports.


Apple's solution to the current port issues is the dongle. After getting much flak with its move to ditch the traditional ports, the company somewhat made up for it by offering their dongles at discounted prices. The discount, however, will only last until the end of 2016.

Line Dock

The Line Dock is actually a project over at Indiegogo. This means the creators of the Line Dock is capitalizing on the need for the traditional ports among users of the latest MacBook Pro.

The Line Dock is a portable docking station for the MacBook that is equipped with USB-C ports. It also has three USP ports, an HDMI, and a MiniDisplay Port. The Line Dock has a Micro-B USB port which is necessary to connect it to a laptop that doesn't use the USB-C.

It offers full connectivity, fast SSD storage and also keeps the laptop cool.

One fun fact about the Line Dock is it also serves as a gigantic powerbank. When the dock is not used with a MacBook, it can be used to charge other gadgets especially smartphones. This is possible through the dock's four Qi charging pads and a powerful 20,000mAh battery.

The Verge describes it as an old MacBook Pro that had its screen ripped off. Like other docks, the Line Dock makes the thin MacBook Pro look thicker.

As of this writing, only 12 percent of the $50,000 goal has been achieved. That's just $6,140 from 23 backers.

Arc Hub

If the user prefers his or her MacBook Pro to remain thin, the Arc hub may be the solution they need.

The Arc Hub is a spherical device made of glass and metal which basically complements the MacBook design. More importantly, though, it has seven ports.

It has two USB-C ports, two standard USB ports, an HDMI-out, a Mini DisplayPort, and an SD Card slot. The Arc Hub connects to a MacBook through USB-C.

The SD card slot may be the deal breaker here plus having all these ports in just one device may just be enough to convince one to dole out $104.99.

The Arc Hub will be available early next year but pre-orders are already accepted until Dec. 31.

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