'The Walking Dead' Ratings Falls To Number 2 Spot; Why People Are No Longer Watching?

The ratings of "The Walking Dead" has declined for the first time in almost three years and lands on the number two spot in ratings. CBS' "NCIS: Los Angeles" now takes the top spot. This is despite the last premiere episode's 10.7 million viewers and an additional 22.3 million in the delayed telecast which is the second highest viewer number the show has ever had. The ratings have dramatically dropped in the episodes that followed and it looks like there is nowhere to go but further down.

Avid fans of the show are asking what could be the reason why people have stopped watching the series. According to reports, many loyal viewers didn't like the kind of violence they saw when their favorite characters, Glenn and Abraham, were brutally killed. Violence is nothing new to the show but it looks like the death of the major characters of the show made a big difference.

Episode two of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 earned a total of 12 million viewers while episode three further declined at 11.7 million. It may seem that this decrease is conservative but the show has never lost more than 12.4% of viewers from premiere night and now season 7 doubled that figure. So if it is to be looked in that way, it is something that the show needs to look into.

Many reports claim that every episode of "The Walking Dead" may be packed with the suspense and action one would want from a zombie show, however, after six seasons the audience may already feel that it's all repetitive.

The fourth episode of the show will be a 90-minute episode and predictions of its rating are not very good. But there could still be a chance as people may want something that will distract them from the controversial election and regain its ratings.

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