Battlefield 1 Hardcore Servers Now Up; Players Can Rent Their Own Private Servers

DICE has confirmed that ‘Battlefield 1’ Hardcore servers are now up for all players in all platforms including PS4 and Xbox One. According to reports, the game has also addressed a number of issues and have even enhanced the system, fixing bugs and made better changes. Now players can finally rent their own private servers.

Hardcore Server Already Up and Running

As announced by the company yesterday on Twitter, ‘Battlefield 1’ Hardcore Server will be up today and players who log in should be able to use the new server without any problem. The good news is there is no additional downloads or update required to access the new server. DICE has already added the feature in the Fall update so all that it was waiting for is the activation from the servers.

Hardcore servers are different from the other servers in ‘Battlefield 1’. In this server, some features are disabled to make gameplay more challenging for the player. Features that could be disabled are spotting enemies as minimaps are removed, completely removing cross hair, lowered health for all players and a lot more.

 Rent-A-Server Program

One of the new features of ‘Battlefield 1’ that many players have been waiting for are the Rent-A-Server program that allows them to rent their own server and set up their own ‘Battlefield’ game. It’s actually similar to ‘Battlefield 4’ feature wherein players can modify certain aspects of the game including map rotation.

 Bug Fixes

And the biggest change that DICE has improved in this update is fixing bugs to ultimately improve the game experience of every player. Some of the changes implemented are feature like in the Operations mode where more tickets are given to the attacking side, decreased flag capture time and more tickets given when killing enemies that are retreating. This give the game better balance and make gameplay fair for all players, regardless of the team they choose.

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